UT-CP631113 Disposable PVC Manual Resuscitator UT-CP631113 Disposable PVC Manual Resuscitator

Disposable PVC Manual Resuscitator is for single patient use to reduce possible cross contamination. Any cleaning, disinfecting or sterilizing is not necessary for it. Medical level raw material in compliance with FDA standard.

  • Product Description

*Single patient use only

*60/40cm H2O pressure relief valve

*Including oxygen reservoir bag, PVC mask and oxygen tubing

*Medical level raw material

*Latex-free components

*Additional accessories (Airway, mouth opener etc.) and private labeling/packaging are available.

*Non-Rebreathing Valve with 30mm exhale port for PEEP valve or filter is available.

*Optional accessories:PVC mask,EVA Reservoir Bag,Oxygen Tubing(PVC),Airway,Mouth Opener,PEEP-Valve,Inlet Valve,Manometer.