UT-OT2B Obstetric Operation Table (manual) UT-OT2B Obstetric Operation Table (manual)

UT-OT2B Nomal Operation Table (manuall) is a platform for performing surgery and anesthesia. The surgical assistant adjusts the operating table to the required position according to the surgical requirements, so that the surgical field is fully exposed. And it is also convenient for the patient to induce anesthesia and infusion, which makes the operation smoothly.

  • Product Description
  • Packing Details
  1. Length:1950±50mm

  2. Width: 600±10mm

  3. Height:(750-950)±50mm

  4. Back board fold upward:≥60°  fold downward:≥10°

  5. waist board lifting:≥70mm

  6. auxiliary table:750×600mm

  7. Base is stainless steel

  8. Table-board is stainless steel

Packing dimensions(mm): 1420*870*1060

G.W.: 280KG

Package:1 wooden case